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Nonprofit Fundraising Strategy Support

6-12 month for small nonprofits. PLEASE READ FOR MORE INFO!

  • 30 minutes
  • Free
  • Zoom Link (will be emailed to you)

Service Description

Nonprofit Focus Areas: • Fundraising Digital Marketing Strategy
 • Fundraising Email Marketing Strategy
 • Improving your Fundraising and Donor Management Systems • Donor Retention & Acquisition • Sponsorship Strategy These are best for anyone who has currently working within their nonprofit and wants to begin building out their successful annual fundraising plans. Our coaching model is extremely intense and hands on. The coaching program is at least a 6 month commitment and is $250/month. We’ll meet weekly, for up to 1 hour, for a total of 24 calls. The process begins with you selecting a time to meet that works for your schedule then completing the application for a discovery call. I’ll review your answers and if it feels like a fit, I’ll email you with more information on our approved discovery call. If it’s not a fit, I’ll also email you to let you know and provide you with resources or referrals, if applicable. During our 30 min call together, we can see if we're a great match for this program and talk further about the exciting impact that you want to make. Once approved, clients will begin on-boarding our project management system, where they can see their amazing progress live. Every month, we will work through two discovery sessions and two results sessions, according to our priority focus areas. Our sessions will occur via Zoom video conferencing. Calls are automatically recorded and emailed to you, including notes, action plans, and resources discussed, within 2 business days. Once bi-weekly action plans are sent out, I will do a weekly email check-in for support and project progress. Clients must complete all required legal documentation before, we can begin working together. This program is not for you if: • You’re not someone who honors time, money, task commitments • You’re nonprofit does not have a 501c3 status • You’re not ready to take action and be held accountable I see it as my mission to help you take the steps to further your impact in this world. What you have to offer is even more than you might be able to envision for yourself. Your experience led you here, and I want to help you uplift your community and expand social good far beyond your reach.

Contact Details

+ (512) 651-8188

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