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Campaign Scaling VIP Day

  • 3Days
  • 7Steps


This service is designed to help you design and implement a campaign suited for progression from start to finish. In collaborative sessions, we will: IDEATION SUPPORT: ✨ Craft your standout campaign, detailing its unique deliverables, timeline, features, and objectives. ✨ Integrate your new campaign with your current or upcoming annual efforts, enhancing its effectiveness through donor analysis, conversion strategies, and financial forecasting. ✨ Create a resonant name for your campaign that reflects its essence and ambition. ✨ Formulate the key messages that will convey the potential for joint impact, inspiring collaboration and support. MESSAGING SUPPORT: ✨ Sharpen your campaign's messaging to truly resonate with your target donors. ✨ Craft donor personas and engaging narratives that will shape your content approach. ✨ Outline the donor journey and establish giving levels to steer your launch and fundraising tactics. ✨ Construct compelling campaign messaging to heighten appeal and boost donor engagement. By the end of our session, you will receive a comprehensive Campaign Messaging Guide. This guide will equip your nonprofit with impactful messaging strategies, revitalizing your appeals, website, and landing pages, attracting new donors, and clearly conveying your impact during donor interactions. Walk away with a new or revamped plan, timeline, and messaging guide offer branded, ready to create, and positioned to sell.

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